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Statement of Purpose



1. To foster and promote performing arts in the community in all forms and genres.

2. To enable any member of the community to experience theatre who may wish to.

3. To encourage the growth of new talent in all areas of theatre production.

4. To promote both original and traditional productions and performances.

5. To promote ethical, professional and moral attitudes towards theatre production and performances.

6. To provide a relaxed and comfortable environment to allow people to explore their creative talents.

Our History


Smile Theatre Co. Inc. is a not for profit Community Theatre Company which was formed in late 2012 for the purpose of presenting new and original plays to the public. In 2013 we presented our first production "The Spoils of War." written by our President, Peter Eddy.

In 2014 we presented our second production, "A night of Comedy" which comprised 2 one act plays "You Can't be Serious" & "A Storm in a Teacup." Both written by our Co- Founders Peter Eddy and Ian Robinson.

The Future


Smile has been taking a break after our production in 2014, but we are now preparing for a whole new start in.  In 2019 (Dates to be Announced) we will be having our third production which again will be 2 one act  plays. Keep watching for more details.

Co- Founders

Peter Eddy. President


Michelle Day. Vice President


Ian Robinson. Chief Executive Officer


Co - Founders



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Smile Theatre Company Inc.

P.O. Box 111 Hastings 3915, Victoria, Australia

0419 358 030